Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ex husband ordered to pay Lopez

In Los Angeles a judge ordered formar husband of Jennifer Lopez to pay the actress/singer a sum of US$545,000.00 ( 1.9 milliom Malaysia ringgit ) for trying to publish a tell all book about their relationships. The ruling affirmed an earlier arbitrator's decision in the case which included awarding Lopez a permanent injuctions barring her ex-spouse from diclosing information about their relationship for personal gain.

According to media accounts, the unpublished book alledges that Lopez had multiple affaairs during her eleven month marriage to Noa, including one with salsa singer, her third and current husband. Anthony and Lopez was married in June 2004 just days after his divorce from his formal wife a model and a beauty queen. five months after Lopez broke off her highly publicised engagement to actor Ben Affleck. The title of the book that her ex- husband published under the title The unknown Truth: A Passionate Portrait of a serial Trillers.

John Travolta in his latest movie Hairspray

John Travolta attributes is trademarks in his latest screen role wearing a skirts and buried under a fat suits. He plays the roles of a plump housewife in the musical movies picture The Hairspray.

John Travolta was recently express about his role in Hairspray. I;ve had the itch for thirty years to return to musical movie. I thought maybe its is smart to come backs to it in a whole diffrence way or an expected way. like the movie picture Grease and the saturday night fever.