Thursday, September 28, 2006

all about the movie

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THE SKINNY: The independent studio Lionsgate has acquired the exclusive North American home entertainment distribution rights to the feature film PLAYED, a gritty crime thriller produced by Film and Music Entertainment, Inc.

PLAYED, which will premiere at the Hollywood Film Festival on Oct. 20, stars Val Kilmer, Gabriel Byrne, Vinnie Jones, Joanne Whalley, Patsy Kensit, Anthony LaPaglia, Mick Rossi and the late Bruno Kirby. The film is produced by John Daly, Nick Simunek and Mick Rossi, and directed by Sean Stanek.

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"With a strong ensemble cast and fast-paced storyline, PLAYED fits Lionsgate's goal of acquiring top-tier marketable titles to premiere on DVD. We are happy to be in business with John Daly and his team on this film," said Ron Schwartz, Lionsgate executive vice president and general manager of home entertainment.
Played is an examination of the malevolent London underworld full of crooked cops, complex schemes and hustlers out for revenge. An elaborate heist goes awry, and a small-time thief is set up to take the fall. After eight years, he is back on the streets looking to settle the score.

As more participants in the scam are revealed, soon no one knows who is playing whom which results in an explosive and unexpected finale, which ultimately reveals the true players.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

about movie news

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Scream 4 is pretty much a done deal according to Icons Of Fright. Read on for the blockbuster news which comes straight from the mouth of Wes Craven.

If you find yourself confused by what you've read to this point, don't despair. Everything should be crystal clear by the time you finish.

Back in 2000, when the third film was released, and I saw it, I felt things had been brought to a satisfactory conclusion as far as the "Scream" universe goes, despite the ominous ending. Now here we are 4 years later, and the rumor of a 4th movie still lives, and now with this latest lump of coal added to the fire, seems to have gained steam. Truthfully, I would pay to see a 4th film, but still alot of questions remain... We know Williamson won't be involved. Craven most likely won't be. Who will write and direct then? Neve Campbell has been a long time hold out for doing a 4th film if you believe what you read on most of the "Scream 4" rumor sites. Just who will and won't be returning? and finally, what direction can this story continue in? Sids already disposed of Mrs Loomis, and her Brother Roman, as well as Billy and Stu, whos left at this point? Sure there are plenty of relatives out for revenge type scenarios, but which one makes the most sense?

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Gridiron Gang (2006)

This is the synopsis of a theatrical movie which will be released tomorrow, 15th September 2006.

Hopefully the brief description presented will help you understand about this movie before you watch it. The synopsis as following:

Juvenile detention camp probation officer Sean Porter, along with another officer, Malcolm Moore, turns a group of hardcore teenage felons into a high school football team in four weeks. Confronted with gang rivalries and bitter hatred between his teammates, Porter teaches some hard lessons--and learns a few himself--as the kids gain a sense of self-respect and responsibility.

In a world where 75 percent of these juvenile inmates return to prison or meet with violent ends on the streets, Porter and Moore face seemingly insurmountable barriers. No one wants to compete against convicted criminals, but through relentless pursuit and a jolt of inspiration, Porter and his team fight their way to redemption and a second chance.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New released movie, The Protector

This is Thai movie which has been released on 8th September 2006, starring by Tony Jaa , Petchthai Wongkamlao. To me, it's a so-so movie.

Kham's life is turned upside down when an international mafia syndicate, based in Australia, captures his two beloved elephants and smuggles them thousands of kilometers away to Sydney. The two elephants are far more than mere animals to Kham and his father; they are part of his family and were being prepared to be presented as a token of devotion to his Majesty the King of Thailand.

The only way Kham can possibly save the animals is by venturing into a foreign land for the first time. Taking on a mafia group to rescue two elephants from a foreign country presents a huge challenge, even for a martial arts master like Kham. Despite the help of Sergeant Mark, a Thai police Sergeant based in Australia, and Pla, a Thai girl forced into modern day slavery, the going gets tough.

They must take on the ruthless gang of Madame Rose, whose henchmen include Johnny, a Vietnamese thief and martial arts expert, and the hulking TK. Kham has no choice but to risk his own life for the animals he loves.

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