Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The boss, the most expensive Indian movies

There is no doubt Tamil Blockbuster Sivaji, The boss send a message of sorts from Rajnikanth, one Tamil Nadu's most successful movies star. Rajnikanth, 57, whose real name is Shivaji Rao Gaekwad, is regarded as a demigod by the Tamil masses which have long urged him to stand for office which he declind but still set fund for the poor in building school and hospital. This a story about his works reflected the movies.

The movies news story called the Boss which is stared by Rajnikanth as Sivaji, a self made millionair who returns home from united states to set up a medical colledge and hospital for the public. However, this charitable endeavour is frowned upon by powerful businessman played by Adiseshan (suman), owner of a private hospital and medical college. He plots Sivaji downfall and succeeds. Sivaji becomes penniless but manage to bounce back and exact revenge on the crooked businessman as well as tackle correction in the public delivery systems.

The movies is filled with social messages, hinting perphaps at the influence Rajnikanth wields, even though he is not actively involved in the Tamil Nadu polical scene. Sivaji, The boss cost Malaysiam Ringgit 5.83 million to make and is the most expensive Indian movie to date, Rajnikanth also make history with the Rm1.36million pay cheque he took home, which makes him the higest paid actor in Indian movies.

Micheal Bay directed 0f Transformers

Transformers, Micheal Bay directed 0f big sreen blockbuster, in this new version of Transformers, the Evil Decepticons run riot on earth as they search for a pair of eyeglasses belonging to Sam Witwicky play by Shia Labeouf and female star Megan Fox as Mikaela Banes. Sam had inherited the eyeglasses from his grandfather Captain Archubald Witwicky. after Decepticon head honcho Megatron burned a map onto them showing the location of the life giving Allspark.

Only the heroic Autobots can stop the decepticons is set up between Autobot leader Optimus Prime and Megatron. Tyrese Gibson as Master Sergeant Epps and Josh Duhamel as Captain Lennox try to stop the Evil Decepticons from getting the Eyeglasses.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Parts of film Pirates of the Carribean been censor in China

China has censored part of the latest instalment of hit hollywood movie Pirates of the Caribbean for vilifying and defacing the chinese. The role of Hong Kong star Chow Yun fat, who act the role of Pirate lord captain Sao Feng, who had been slashed into half about ten minutes of screen time play by Chow Yun Fat.

The captain played by Chow Yun Fat is bald with his face heavily scarred and also bare a long bread and long nails whose image is still in line with hollywood's old tradition of demonising the chinese. The china censors board also cut a scene in which the Hong Kong Star says Welcome to Singapore. This already attracted protests from Singapore people who dislike the saying as it hints that Singapore is a Island of pirates.

Even with the censors of the picture in China the film Pirates of the Carribbeans ( AT WORLD'S END) still performed well in the China box office touching 1.18 million yuan on the first day in Shanghai movies alone.

Micheal bay's live action picture the Transformers

This summer movies we will be watching Micheal bay's live action taken from the comic books the Transformers. Its is about two groups of warring aliens from the robotic planet come down to earth. Each of the robot is seeking a source of power in the form of a cube. One vision is to destroy human being the other is to save mankinds. Along the way they encounter allies in the form of a likeable young teenager, a hot girl he's after, a group of US soldiers in the Middle East, and a sexy female Australian computer hacker.

The picture is about two hours and twenty minutes movies where the Earth is caught in the middle of an intergalactic war between two races of robots, the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons, which are able to change into a variety of objects, including cars, trucks, planes and other technological creations.

The picture was director by Micheal Bay and Steven Spielberg as Executive Producer and the main star by Shia LaBeouf as Sam Witwicky whose father brought him the first car name Bumblebee. Together with Optimus Prime they fight with the evil robot, Megatron.