Monday, June 11, 2007

Green Hornet may be sreening on a big sreen

The Green Hornet, a classic crime fighting hero from comic books and television may be sreening on a big sreen as Columbia pictures has aquired film rights to the masked character for a feature film about a daring newspaper publisher who battles the underworld by night with the help of his loyal sidekick. The Green Hornet were played by movies actor Van Williams in the late 1960 on television.

No casting decision have been made yet and no director or screenwriters are yet connected with the project.

Bollywood hottest star get married

Bollywood actress Miss Aishwarya Rai, 33 years old and a former Miss World will married Bollywood actors Abhisshek Bachchan. Both the hottest star in the Hindi movies were greaded up for a three days wedding party with very heavy thigh security to ward off overzealous fans. The wedding festivities which started in the evening of elaborately song and dance in a two seaside residence in the upscale nothern suburds have been turned into virtual fortresses in the state of Mumbai.

About hundred invited guests were seen at the wedding and more then five hundred police and official are expected to be on stand by and also to be on hand to keep out gatecrashers. The two main gates were guarded with thight private security guards, only workers and personnel with barcoded passes were allowed to entre through metal detactors.

Efforts has been make to shut out photographers and others media and even the Bachchans family asked the oweners or the neighbouring building not to allow television crews and photographers to shoot from roofs top and balconies.